• Harvest of the Month Infographics

Harvest of the Month Infographics

Harvest of the Month was created by several local school districts in California as part of a broader nutrition education effort targeted to low-income students. Recognizing the value of this approach, the California Department of Public Health adopted Harvest of the Month in 2005, launching a statewide effort that is standardized, cost-effective, replicable, and available to all.

We teamed up with The California Department of Public Health and the Public Health Institute to create the first ever info graphic for this one-of-a-kind program, which ended up being the flagship for many states across the country. In working with the departments we had the task of taking a plethora of statistics and information, laying it out in a digestible and inviting format that could be utilized across a variety of settings and diverse group of socio-economic backgrounds. This infographic was the outcome and to this day one of our most noteworthy achievements.

Client: Harvest of the Month Skills: Illustration, Print Design Website: harvestofthemonth.cdph.ca.gov