• Grange Restaurant & Bar Barrel Pages

Grange Restaurant & Bar Barrel Pages

Grange Restaurant & Bar is a culinary expression of all things local, reflecting the authentic essence and soul of the community. Located in the heart of the Farm to Fork Capital of America, the menu showcases the market-driven bounties from the state and is best described as simple, seasonal and soulful. Organically raised meats and poultry are complemented with the freshest produce available from the Central Valley, while sustainable coastal seafood is paired with a spectacular all-California wine list. The entrees are presented in a straightforward American brasserie style. Lastly, enjoy the creations from our pastry chef such as rustic artisan breads and desserts.

As we have worked with Grange Restaurant & Bar through the years, we have had many opportunities to develop a more eclectic look that encompasses the very specialized product and service they offer their guests. These barrel pages are a great example. With two custom “selected” liquors and the cocktails that showcase them, we created visuals that reflected the unique characteristics and qualities of each, that are just as exceptional and personal as the experience that the Grange Restaurant & Bar offers each guest.

Client: Grange Restaurant Skills: Print Design