• Brews in the Burbs

Brews in the Burbs

Brews in the Burbs, presented by Sunrise MarketPlace, brought the this first ever annual brew fest to the city of Citrus Heights, CA. in 2019. Transforming the Sunrise Mall’s parking lot into a “backyard hangout”, it featured some of the best craft breweries, local and statewide, along with home brewers, cideries, meaderies, and distilleries. The inaugural event featured craft beer tastings, live music, food trucks, backyard games and more.

The goal of Brews in the Burbs was to draw people from all around the Citrus Heights area to Sunrise MarketPlace to enjoy not only the event, but also bring attention and business to the services, restaurants and activities in the District. Therefore, our goal in creating a logo was to meld the Sunrise MarketPlace brand with a Brew Fest feel to create the identity of what will continue to grow into a thriving local brew fest for years to come.

Client: Sunrise MarketPlace Skills: Branding Website: https://sunrisemarketplace.com/brewsintheburbs/